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Photoshop Tutorial: Aperture Laboratories Logo

Recently I decided to make wallpapers for several fictional companies and logos. So far I   have created one for the Umbrella Corporation from Resident Evil. This is the second wallpaper. This logo took some thinking before hand and I wanted to share the quick and easy method I used to create the basic Aperture Science Logo.

1) Set up a new canvas with the following settings.

2) Fill your new blank canvas with solid black.

(alt – Delete) Fills the Selection with the foreground colour

3) Drag the rulers on the left and top sides to get guides in the center of the canvas.

(ctrl – r ) Shows/hides rulers

(ctrl – ; ) Shows/hides Guides

4) Make a new layer and use the elliptical marquee to create a circle. Hold shift and alt and drag out from the center of the guides to create a perfect and centered circle. Fill the selection with any colour you desire. I used a light blueish colour.

5) Select the polygon tool and apply the settings below.

Sides = 8

Colour = Black

6) Make a new layer and drag the polygon tool from the center outwards until it is a bit smaller than the original circle.

7) Select the Line tool and apply the following settings.

Weight = 15 px

Colour = Black

8) Drag the line from one of the corners from the octagon and along on of the sides and through the circle. See Below.

9) Now repeat step 8 on the following corners to produce this.

Using this technique i created this wallpaper. Enjoy. Click to download full image.

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  1. Thanks alot for the information , it was very helpful. thx

    September 1, 2011 at 09:20

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