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Photoshop Tutorial: Awesome Retro Text Wallpaper

Awesome retro text thumbnail

Simple yet awesome retro text tutorial.

I have used this text technique on several posters and wallpaper design and thought I should share it. Take a look in my gallery to see the technique in use.

1.  Create a new document/canvas with the settings below.

2. Create a new gradient like the the following one

3.  Apply the gradient onto a new blank layer.

4.  Add the text in a plain San-serif font in a very dark grey (almost black)

5. Rasterize the text layer and use the polygon lasso tool to fill in any letters with holes in. In this case the “A” and the “O”.

6.  Duplicate the text layer (Ctrl – J). Now for the tricky part.

Ctrl click the layer preview to select the layers content.

Now press Ctrl – t whilst the selection is active. Tap the down key one to nudge the text down a pixel.

Press enter (Return) to apply the transformation.

Now with the selection still active press ctrl – z to under the transformation and now press ctrl – shift – alt – t about 10-20 times to create an image such as the one below.

7.  Bring the bottom text layer to the top and apply a stroke in the same colour as the text, also add a colour overlay of blue (or which ever colour you desire).

8.  This is what your text should look like so far.

Merge both the text layers into one layer.

9. Now the layers have been merged together you can now add more layer effects. Add a drop shadow with the following settings.

Add a stroke with the following settings.

10. This is what the finished text will look like.

Thanks for reading this tutorial. I’m glad if this could help anyone


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